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Red rose petal pearl wedding cake

January 28th, 2015

Koala Cakes

Koala cakes dramatic story of ‘Rescue the wedding cake!’

One early Saturday morning at 7:50am Koala cakes’s phone was ringing.

Thought it could be an urgent call if someone is calling this early on Saturday morning.

It was a dad of a bride who is getting married next Saturday, got a wedding cake delivered yesterday ( already? a week before? we were so surprised! ), they said cake was a disaster and bride cried all through the night.

So dad and mum found us and called us straight away to ask  if we could help them out from the nightmare.

We could not say No. How could we say No!

We  had less than a week to prepare for the Rescue project, did not have enought time to bake the fruit cake so kept 1 tier of fruit cake on top and made Vanilla sponge and Lemon sponge freshly.

When we were setting up the cake at Quy Mill Cambridge, wedding cake table was right at the middle of the room which we understood more why bride was upset about the previous cake.

Made the bride happy? that is all matters what to Koala cakes 🙂

red rose pearl wedding cake


They also had topper beautifully made to go on the top of the cake.

red rose pearl wedding cake (2)

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