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Greek Acropolis of Athens 70th birthday cake

October 16th, 2014

Koala Cakes

Fotini is Greek, and going to be turned 70.

She came to Cambridge in her 20’s and met her husband who was spanish, since then she lived her life with her beautiful 2sons and 2 daughters and now 10 grandchildrens.

She is ill after her stroke and hard to take flights to go to her home town, so one of her daughter wanted to give her whole greece on her birthday.

We decided to give her the Acropolis of athens which is the most outstanding thing in Greece and with the Greek national flag.

It was a hard challange but pushed ourselves to get the best result out as it was an emotional project to do.


greece acropolis cake


Every single thing has been made with edible material.

For dramatic and fun outcome, we made a chocolate sponge cake so when you cut it will feel like the Acorpolis is getting more distroyed.

Also Pillar is made out of Rice crispy and marshmallow so will have the same realistic outcome.


greece acropolis cake (3)

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