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Due to the bespoke services, our prices can vary and are individually quoted based on your requirements.

Koala Cakes produce a wide range of cakes, so whatever your budget is we should be able to find a cake that is right for you.

Various cake flavours, frosting and filling are avaliable for your choice.

The price of cake will depend on many different factors such as design complexity, and decorations.

To request detailed price information, please contact us by email or text or phone for consultation.

*Portion guide

  Please bear in mind that portion sizes can be different person to person and the details shown below should be taken as a rough guide only.

  (based on 1*2inch per portion)

Size (cm) Size (inch) Round Square
15cm 6″ 12 20
18cm 7″ 20 25
20cm 8″ 25 30
23cm 9″ 30 40
25cm 10″ 40 50
28cm 11″ 50 60
30cm 12″ 60 70
36cm 14″ 70 100
41cm 16″ 100 130