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korean buttercream cake course in uk

Hi, I am Huiseung Atkinson


I moved to Cambridge UK 6years ago from Seoul,  South Korea and married to a charming English man I fell in love while I was in Korea and got a name ‘Atkinson’.

My love affair with the baking had started as soon as I landed in UK, it was just a whole new world for me, a kid in a candy shop.

More I bake I get addicted to it and I realized I could combine my love of cooking and baking with my innate artistic abilities. Designing a cake is natural to me as I have a background of industrial design and homeware design.

Fusing my long career as a designer with knowledge of the arts, I dare to call myself perfectionist.

I have to be satisfied with my cake design to deliver to you I never compromise with design.

I will make sure you get what you want. You will find I will be the fussy one than you are.

With Koala Cakes, I continue to design and create cakes of amazing beauty and works to push the limits of design, style and elegance. with sugarflowers or Korean buttercream flowers.

I am not a full time baker. I am currently working in the biggest retailer in UK as a Buyer, also a wife and a mum.

Didn’t take too long for me to decide, now was time for my next big adventure and created Koala Cakes in Cambridge 3years ago, my dream came true.

My commitment to create a cake is not just beautiful, but a delicious celebration of the special day. I am ready to help make your special day a beautiful and delicious occasion, never forgettable and will be ONLY for you.


Koala Cakes

Huiseung Atkinson x



** You might be curious of why I named to be ‘Koala’ Cakes.

My nickname was Koala  since 20years ago. I did look like a Koala then, and still haha. All my friends even my mum and dad calls me Koala. I wanted a name which I am comfortable with and represents me well, also I don’t know many fancy words in English :) x