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Korean buttercream cake Cambridge

April 11th, 2017

Koala Cakes


Korean buttercream cake


Koala cakes are offering korean buttercream flowers cake course  in Cambridge UK!

Or alternatively you can order delicate Korean buttercream flower cake for your special day.



Naked cake is now a trend!

April 11th, 2017

Koala Cakes

There is definately a trend on naked cake recently.

New wedding dessert or celebration cake trend for unfrosted edges exposes the delicious flavors inside.

buttercream cake baby shower

The traditional wedding cake is typically covered with sugar paste fondant, but if a new trend takes hold, it’s about to get it on board.

More and more brides are opting to serve ‘naked cakes’ – decorated with fresh fruit or fresh flowers with outer layer of buttercream so that the texture of the cake and the colors inside are put on show.

fresh fruit naked cake


Decorated with fresh flowers are certianly it is less expensive than fondant covered cake with sugar flowers, but has a negative side and leaves that are actually poisonous

Despite of what I do, I must say that fresh flowers are not a general food product and flowers should not be eaten unless they are sourced from a reputable organic edible source.

Even if they are not actually eaten there is a risk that sap or fine hair irritants from poisonous plants can leech into a cake if they come into contact with it.

You must discuss with the florist and cake maker whoever is decorating the cake to make sure it is all sourced from organic edible source or have not poked into the cake.

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Naked cake with fresh flowers