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Koala cakes Supports Cambridge Charity

January 5th, 2017

Koala Cakes

Chocolate dripping cakeIt is so nice when we get contacted by local charities and ask for donation for their event.

This year we have got contacted by Horizon Discovery Charity Committee to help two great charities; Sands, the national stillbirth and neonatal death charity and ACT, the Addenbrookes Charitable Trust.

And baked 3 cakes to support their event.

Hope the event went all well and we have given little help.

After becoming a mum, I cannot resist myself to help local charities related to babies and children. So please contact us if there is any event coming up and will try to support in any ways.x











Korean buttercream flower class in Cambridge UK

January 5th, 2017

Koala Cakes

I am so excited to present to you our buttercream flower cake class.

korean buttercream cake in cambridge uk


You will know how much trending right now Korean buttercream flower technique is popular these days and you must have wondered how to get those perfectly piped?

Here Koala cakes have launched Korean buttercream flower class in UK, Cambridge.

Our Korean buttercream flower class will give you a step by step process on how to create perfectly piped Korean buttercream flowers.

If you have always been wanted to learn buttercream flowers and did not know where to start and where to go? Not more worries and fears! Koala cakes will make it happen to you.

Aside from the usual piped roses and blossoms we will introduce you to other amazing flowers.

buttercream flowers rose peony


We have curriculums from Basic class to Master class, one day class to 4days classes, Private class to group class.

So Keep in touch with us to found out more about the class.

You are on your way your way to creating beautiful delicate buttercream flowers and surely wow your guests!

korean buttercream flowers

korean buttercream flower cupcakes uk