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1st birthday baby cake

April 3rd, 2014

Koala Cakes

Jonas had his first birthday last week.

Jonas’s mum wanted a very simple birthday cake with Dove cookies in Mint theme.

As it was a first birthday, we wanted to do it as simple as it can be and represent the baby figure to be exactly as Jonas.


1st birthday cake with baby topper (1)


Dove cookie, milk bottle cookie, Pram cookie


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cakes

April 3rd, 2014

Koala Cakes

When I was young ( something like 25years ago…) I used to watch Ninja turtle cartoons with my brother.

And have forgotten about it until I got consulting from a very lovely lady who owns a photoshooting company called
Invision photography in Cambridge.

Her son Luca turned 5 this year and needed gluten free cake , to make sure it was 100% baked in safe environment she wanted to bake her own cake and let us to do the decoration part.

Koala cakes are able do to any Gluten free , Dairy free celebration cake but if any one would like to bake the cake by yourself and let Koala cakes to do the decoration, you are more then welcome!

ninja turtle cake (3)

ninja turtle cake (2)

ninja turtle cake pops

** little cake pops for kids who wanted to bring something back home **

Chocolate coral wedding cake

April 3rd, 2014

Koala Cakes

Here is a Chocolate wedding cake for Becky.

She had a Cheese wedding cake but wanted to have a traditional cake on her Chocolate dessert table.

There are lots of Chocolate wedding cake out there, so Koala cakes wanted to do something different and towered the rose with various shades of Coral and Pink. With a little touch of a fabric from bridesmaid dress this cake came more live and smooth finish.

Chocolate rose wedding cake(3)

Chocolate rose wedding cake(4)