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Pearl wedding anniversary cake

August 21st, 2013

Koala Cakes

30th pearl wedding anniversary cake designed by Koala cakes Cambridge.

Special personalized cake order from lovely daughter who wanted a story of her parents life together.

Where they met, first date, first house, where they lived, babies, and favourite place for holiday.

They met in Barclays bank, only 2 person is allowed to go into the Vault each time and they were a team. First date, Dad split a red wine on mum’s WHITE dress and often they went to Wolverhampton football match.

They got married at 1983, first house was no.11 and had a white door in Wolverhampton then relocated to Hitchin, Solihull, and finally to Cambridge. 1 boy and 1 girl was born during those times,  favourite family holiday place is Disneyworld in Florida.

Love making a novelty cake with client’s special stories, love the process and discussions how to make the stories alive with clients makes me privilege to make it for them and be part of their special day.


Pearl wedding anniversary 1


Ultimate Chocolate cake

August 15th, 2013

Koala Cakes

Here is a ultimate Chocolate cake from Koala cakes cambridge.

Chocolate sponge with  Chocolate buttercream and Chocolate sugarpaste.

Surrounded by Chocolate Cadbury fingers and Maltersers.

On top of the cake Kinder Bueno placed arcross the cake for a steady look, colourful Smarties gave fun, and white chocolate chips added brightness.

Patsy’s top favorite chocolate ‘Green triangle from Quality street ‘ was hard to collect but found itself a space.

Whoever can say it has too much of Chocolate,,,
There is never too much Chocolate, never.

Chocolate cake