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Digger birthday cake

July 16th, 2013

Koala Cakes

Jamie is digging!!

Kids and adults both loves chocolate & Manely stuff so why not give them a little treat?

Last week we have got to create this  fun project, that it was not just ordinary soomth fondant cover, it had to be Rough! Tough! Scruffy! and Dirty!

We actually bought a Digger toy to make the details right!! Yes we are enthusiastic!

It was a triple Chocolate cake with actual melted chocolate ( we didn’t use cocoa power ) and Chocolate chips.

Rich and smooth and really chocolatey!

When the cake had cooled down, we have cut the top crumble bits off and left it aside to use it later for messy effect.

Poured over Chocolate ganash  roughly again for the messy look and drizzled honey over the crumbles to make sure they stay together and also for real look of the muds.

so who wants a digger messy triple chocolate birthday cake


digger cake (1)

Cricket birthday cake

July 14th, 2013

Koala Cakes

Cricket birthday cake for my lovely father-in-law.

He is a big fan of Cricket so my husband Hugh and I decided to do a Cricket theme for his 61st birthday.

So I baked, and Hugh bought  Ashes cricket match ticket. It worked quit well with the Ashes game, actually.

I should have made this on his 60th last year, but I wasn’t the family then. 🙂

I made him as an umpire which he is qualified for his 3 boys when they were young to teach them properly. ( So sweet of him )

I have picture of him posing as same as mini dad, giving himself a 6! but for his privacy will keep the picture for myself haha

Love you dad, and Happy birthday!!


Cricket birthday cake