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Purple elephant birthday cake

April 27th, 2013

Koala Cakes

Happy Birthday Lucy!

elephant cake 2

Well, Lucy turned 30 today and having a party, and it seems like there’s been little sadnesss for her to leave her 20’s behind.

So I wanted to make her a special cake.

I knew I wanted to keep it a little more simple and not crazy fancy, so rather than going grand, I went teeny tiny, simple and sweet for the decoration.

So with her favorite colour Purple and her most favorite thing, Elephant, I added a little touch of sophisticated green to make sure it doesn’t look too kidy cake.

To make the Elephant theme strong, I made also Purple Elephant cookies( Orange vanilla flavour ) that guests could take away home.

Hope Lucy will have the best 30th birthday with friends and family and with a her special cake as well 🙂

Koala Cakes